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The foundation on which the Calgary Junior Mustangs were founded and continue to operate under today, is to create an opportunity for Calgary and area kids to combine a high level of hockey with an education and be successful at both.

Ninety (90) former Calgary Mustangs have taken their hockey talents on to NCAA schools since 1990, and over 40 more have moved on to schools within Canada.

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PREPARE YOUR FUTURE through EDUCATION and the Alberta Junior Hockey League.

The Alberta Junior Hockey League is dedicated to furnishing its athletes with the best available opportunities for future development and growth. Our League supports its players through assistance in their academic, athletic and personal lives throughout their pursuit of individual goals.

By electing to play junior hockey in the Alberta Junior Hockey League a player is joining a fraternity of storied athletes through 38 years of athletic and academic excellence and community support. Alumni from the AJHL have advanced to professional careers in teaching, accounting and engineering as well as joined the ranks of hockey administration and coaching at the professional level. The list of players who have progressed to professional hockey is a long and extraordinary one when one considers including Mark Messier, Lanny McDonald, the Sutter brothers, Mike Vernon and Mike Comrie to name but a few.

Student-athletes' achievements both academically and athletically have been made possible in part through their choice to play at the AJHL level. This choice continues to be a popular one for players and their families who are becoming most concerned for their academic future and increasingly more aware of the options, which are available.

The purpose of this brochure is to act as an informational resource document for parents and players as they weigh their options as well as point out how the AJHL believes in and supports its mission statement. Our aim is that we provide the best and most current information in order that families can make educated choices that best suit the needs of their respective student athletes.

We invite you to contact team administration or the education consultant at the contact numbers provided in this document if there are any areas of concern or questions left unanswered as you peruse this document.

Student-Athlete Advisor

Following his college hockey career, which included an ECAC Conference title in 1998, Jackson went on to play four seasons of professional hockey in the ECHL, CHL and JIHL (Japan). Upon retiring as a player in 2003, Jackson spent one season as the Assistant Coach for the Trenton Titans in the ECHL. Over the past three hockey seasons Jackson has coached and advised midget, junior, and high school players through hockey and academic pursuits. Several of his past players have gone on to pursue their academic and athletic careers in the NCAA and ACAC.

Student-Athlete Advisor
Alberta Junior Hockey League (AJHL)
(403) 479-2125


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