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The Streak is Alive!
Posted October 31st, 2017 @ 9:21 am

What do you call a team that won 4 straight to close out November? We call them the Calgary Mustangs!

Beginning on Saturday, October 21, in a game against the Bonnyville Pontiacs, the Mustangs began their epic run that has still yet to find a conclusion. Beating the Pontiacs 3-2 in a shootout was the launch the team needed. The team then beat the Lloydminster Bobcats and the Olds Grizzlys twice to close out the month.

The Mustangs are now 9 – 9 – 1 for the season and are sitting 5th in the Viterra AJHL South Division. What is important to note about this team is that last year in the 2016-2017 season the team only had 8 regulation wins. This is a new year, and very clearly a new team.

The Mustangs organization is very proud of what these boys have accomplished, and we cant wait to see how far they can go! Thank you to all of our fans that have come out this season to support the Stangs as they continue their pursuit for excellence.

The Numbers

The Mustangs have outscored their opponents 20-8 during the 4 game win streak, outshooting their opponents 188 – 142 and Mustangs players tallying a total of 48 points.


October 21 vs Bonnyville Pontiacs

Goals by: Yuri Chernichko and Joseph Karpyshyn. The lone shootout goal by Jackson Salt!

Joey May got the W making 37 saves and stopping all three Pontiac shooters in the shootout.

October 26 vs Lloydminster Bobcats

Goals by: Yuri Chernichko, Salvatore Scalise, Daniel Rybarik and Joseph Karpyshyn.

Joey May racked up another W with a 24 save performance.

October 27 vs Olds Grizzlys

Goals by: Tanner Klassen, Jordan Marks, Brady Barclay, Eric Lemire and Joseph Karpyshyn.

Ashton Abel got the start and the W with a HUGE 42 save win.

October 30 vs Olds Grizzlys

Goals by: Tanner Klassen, Brady Barclay, Daniel Rybarik, Braden Paquette (2), Joseph Karpyshyn, Ayden Roche-Setoguchi and Ryan Stoynich.

Joey May got the start and made a whopping 41 saves for the W!

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