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Mustangs acquire Soukoroff from Oilers

June 1st, 2018 @ 6:07 pm

Mustangs Staff

Calgary, AB – The Calgary Mustangs have acquired defenseman Reece Soukoroff and cash considerations from the Okotoks Oilers in exchange for defenseman Ayden Roche-Setoguchi.

Soukoroff, who recently turned 20 on May 7th, has played for the Oilers since 2015-16, where he was named a member of the AJHL All-Rookie team for the South Division. In 151 career AJHL games, the 6'2", 164-pound defenseman has scored 18 goals and added 47 assists to go along with 188 minutes in penalties.

"Our primary focus in the offseason was to add an experienced D-man," says Mustangs GM and Head Coach Tyler Drader. "Soukoroff is a top pair guy that can play in all situations, which he's proven the past 3 seasons in the AJHL."

"It wasn't long ago he was named to the AJHL All-Rookie team, Top [Defenseman] in the AMHL and the AMMHL. We are looking forward to the leadership and poise he will bring to our team."

"I've played with a few guys throughout my midget days and even on the Oilers," replies Soukoroff, when asked whether he knew any of his new teammates. "A lot of the guys have already made contact with me as well as the coaching staff and everyone is very welcoming; everyone is working hard to have a good season come September."

"I think we're going to be the underdogs this season but looking down the roster I'm confident that we can make some noise and really start to build a winning culture with this organization and continue the success and the steps that were made last year."

A native of Calgary, Soukoroff spent his minor hockey career in the Calgary Royals Minor Hockey Association, where he was named the AMHL's Top Defenseman and a member of the AMHL First All-Star Team in the 2014-15 season, as well as the AMMHL's Best Defenseman in the 2013-14 season; he led both leagues in scoring among defensemen in each respective season.

Roche-Setoguchi, 19, recently completed his first season with the Mustangs, where he recorded 2 goals and 20 assists in addition to 158 minutes in penalties. Another native of the Calgary area, Roche-Setoguchi returns to the Oilers organization where he played from 2016 to 2017.

The Mustangs would like to extend their warmest welcomes to the newest member of the team, and look forward to seeing Reece in action! As well, on behalf of the Mustangs organization, we wish Ayden all the best moving forward in his career.

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